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  1. Victor Nguyen says:

    What’s Mari from Smosh Gaming doing in a tattoo parlor?

  2. Hey guys, me and my bro just created a new channel which is called
    ScrumBle. So far we created a trailer but there is soo much more to come 🙂
    Challenges and all the crazy sh*t we do, so if that’s what you’re looking
    for, give us a chance and visit ScrumBle
    Stick around for more 😉

  3. Xepher54321 says:

    YES JESSE!! DO MORE VLOGS!! we need you after casey left! and also ben
    brown can’t hold it down by himself he is the only one thats good enough to
    watch like you guys.

  4. So glad jeana isn’t with this loser anymore

  5. Sending positive vibes your way Jesse…. looking forward to your next
    project. Please ignore negative comments, it’s ok everyone has an opinion
    on what you do. Don’t get affected by it.

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