Went on a trip to meet up with Casey in Milwaukee to scout out where we are going to shoot our epic holiday movie. Thanks for all the love and support. Im working on another video right now to post. Make sure you are subscribed and have post notifications on!
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5 Responses to “Skateboarding Mall * Accident!”

  1. Starla Gros-Ventre says:

    More more more more!!! Love the editing, and whatever it is about Jesse that makes him, him, and these videos; these videos. Moreeee!

  2. Akhil Raj says:

    Man pls do daily vlogs man. We miss the old videos, The goofy jesse

  3. Hell yea i miss watching u alot

  4. ShaunWhite&TownyHawk Fan says:

    This was an awesome vlog

  5. Gucci Hound says:

    I tought Jesse’s views would drop but fuck no they got even better.

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