I was given a ton of information about a pimp who has several prostitutes under his wing, and decided to call him and say that one of his girls gave me herpe…

10 Responses to “Prostitute Gave Me Herpes Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Babyblack CP says:

    wait how he know his mothers phone # ?

  2. Kai Hughes says:

    I love it when he like I going to find your adders and the I am going to…
    Then you like give me a kiss?

  3. pradakill1 says:

    This dude is sad hahahahaha….

  4. Kalissa Marion says:

    I will shit all over your face Mr. Stuuupyd

  5. You called me, so I am going to kill you. First off he’s never going to
    meet the legendary Ownage Pranks, and secondly he wouldn’t kill him if he

  6. Rooster Teeth says:

    “I’m going to hurt your face” loool

  7. What happend to own age pranks

  8. MrMrCheeseball says:

    Look what I have in my data base MOTHERBITCH!!! Lol

  9. Andrew Hall says:

    Who says hello when it’s your mother’s number. Why so formal?

  10. Shaun Davis says:

    Hahaha Thank God for Ownage Pranks. oh and Merry Christmas! 

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