This crazy Asian lady ties this poor guy to his own bed, check out how this locksmith tries to set him free.
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5 Responses to “Poor Guy Handcuffed by Crazy Asian Woman”

  1. Do a prank on my hungarian friend…
    He built a new pc and i want you to tell him that you actually sent him a gtx1060, which is labeled as a 1070 and the software is also fked up

  2. Remember when Ownage used to call back like 4 times? Good times..

  3. i love these videos

  4. Orlando GutiƩrrez says:

    Man… was good, but I like the way buk says ‘madafucka’ don’t know if youtube told something about censuring that but it was a bad Idea it removes the sensation of Buk. Anyway, take care man, keep it up.

  5. lmao “im not worried about the cost, I want to see this shit… I’m hopping in my truck right now”

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