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First Look
Shorts: Fear of God
Hoodie: Off-White
Hat: Rose Ave

Second Look
Jacket: NSF
Pants: Contreband
Shirt: Off-White
Bike: Super73 Rose Ave

Third Look
Jacket: Maharishi
Jeans: R13
Hoodie: Cotton Citizen
Scarf: Louis Vuitton

5 Responses to “My Addiction.”

  1. Soy geovanni says:

    You have a great Dad and you are a awesome son I wish I could be with my dad 🙁 but he’s with God now

  2. Jake Miller says:

    I really like your dad, seems like a fun guy.

  3. Omar Piñero says:

    Don’t worry jess im addicted to heroin too 😋

  4. Jackson Mazza says:


  5. Katharine Sennett says:

    Such a good video. And ft. Your dad. So glad I got the chance to see it

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