Mexican lady RUINS her hotel room! Check out Sunday’s insanely epic video –
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I called this lady pretending to be working at the hotel she was staying at. She was NOT happy when I accused her of making a ton of noise and trashing her hotel room.

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9 Responses to “Mexican Lady RUINS Hotel Room”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup squad! Hope you guys dig the second upload this week, I had a lot of fun calling this lady lol. The Sunday video was INSANEEEEELY funny, if you missed it catch up here – Disrespectin My Mama Prank

    • tangible berry says:

      Russel, just some observations I have noticed lately. You seem to be mixing in a lot of you characters. Throughout the video, you seemed to add a little Abdo to the Mexican and Rakesh has been waaaaaaaay out of the game lately. Just thought I’d mention it, hopefully you’d notice that!

    • Sharoz Chaudhry says:

      Ownage Pranks should call my dad as Rajesh he is Pakistani

    • Sharoz Chaudhry says:

      How do you even get him to call your friend for a prank.

    • Hey y is the ownage pranks app is not working!

  2. i love these videos

  3. Trump 4Ever says:


  4. Jason Kramer says:

    Great prank and you can understand why she was mad, but she pulled that race card so fast. It was really annoying hearing her claim it was because she was Mexican.

  5. zory robles says:

    like always what a great vlog!!!!!!😂👍

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