I pranked Jeana with one of the hottest hot pepper extracts on the market today. It is 2000000 scoville units. 100x hotter than a jalapeno pepper! It is no…


  1. irishfan84 says:

    @2:50. hahaha whooooooooo

  2. trent vang says:


  3. netalijibas07 says:

    She looks so funny.. Did he said he feels so bad dude it is pepper

  4. reba loachie says:


  5. DruwitheclU says:

    it fucking burns okay…. it funking burns

  6. 9KillZ9 says:

    wat gonna happen when shs in labour lol

  7. SpyTechCo says:

    I kinda wanna try that extract. And we’re they eating? It looked good! 😀

  8. Stephanie Tovmasyan says:

    You are good at pranking

  9. brofistdude123 says:

    everybody at 2:00 close ur eyes and get creative 😉

  10. TheJodo2010 says:

    The really messed up part is that he put it in every piece of sushi lol.

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