I called up this prostitute on backpage over the course of several weeks. The way she responds is amazing. Send out the new FREE prank in my automatic prank calling app right now –

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Buk Lau:

10 Responses to “Haggling with a Prostitute (she FLIPS)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad! Welcome back. This lady was too fun to call so I hadddd to call her back several times, lmk what your fav part is in the comments! The new FREE prank is live in my automatic prank calling app right now –

  2. Bmore R3ckless says:

    She don’t do the kissing but u can fuck her all night. I’d talk so much shit to her while i was fucking her.

  3. Someone should prank call Ownage Pranks

  4. Please do more prank calls on scammers!!

  5. All dislikes are from Prostitutes

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