It’s pretty easy for granny’s hands to get lost… ON STRANGERS BUTTS…
She seems lost, and inoffensive at first, but it’s just part 1 of her game plan!

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Filmed in Singapore

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4 Responses to “Grabbing Butts PRANK – JFL Gags Asia Edition”

  1. wandunga Kamau says:

    I’m happy to be a father of many generations

  2. Matthew M says:

    Lol that guy when she winked. 😂 And lol at the sjws 😂

  3. LeadBlastin22 says:

    How about one makes them look at the map and the other blows the dude? As long as they say it’s on hidden camera it’s all good right? They can play the laugh track once when they are unzipping the fly and once when he blows his soy sauce

  4. Paul Garcia says:

    What’s with all the butt hurt people?

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