I called my local library as Billy to see if they could help me out with a small predicament I was in.. lol the lady at the end is amazing. Send out the NEW FREE PRANK and hear it done LIVE immediately! –

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5 Responses to “Getting Freaky with the Local Librarian (surprising)”

  1. Hunter lol says:

    Hey I have a racist friend against anything white.XD I want to to try to make him mad in asin and throne thanks

  2. huggy123_GT tankionline says:

    “No billy”

  3. GamingWith Richey says:

    Make Mexican prank calls plz

  4. Landry's Juice says:

    I died when he put the frosted flakes tigers

  5. Sebawayh X says:

    Great t see Billy. Best vid in a while.

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