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So im doing a meet and greet on August 21 in NYC at the Macy’s Address: 151 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001 12pm. Going to try to meet every one that goes. They might not let you get into line if you come after 2pm so try to be on time. Will be giving away 10 Rose Ave jackets to you guys. It will be like a lottery so the more friends you bring the better chance to win. These jackets are super limited so this might be the only place you can get them.
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5 Responses to “Creating A Jacket With Levi’s”

  1. vickey kumar says:


  2. jesse this is so awesome congrats

    i am 1600 videos behind in youtubeland so i needed to double speed this i hope you dont care to much

    i dont have my licences and i dont think i will ever be able to get one at this point in my life

    thx for this ha bisky video and when you are ready to talk about why you dont have your licence we will listen and most peoples wont judge you we love you

  3. lisa ludwick says:

    Anyone know where his black ripped Capri style jeans are from?????

  4. TheFragShot says:

    When I heard beef I was like what if he was at the clout house and I saw that garage and started cracking up

  5. Tudor Bahaciu says:

    I didn’t use to watch your channel when you were doing pranks but this is great I love it

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