Don’t be that guy that always steals food from the work refrigirator… Just bring your own sandwich!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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6 Responses to “Caught Stealing his Coworker’s Lunches”

  1. Falcon1911A1 says:

    bravo to the 1 who jumped in…. great guy!

  2. terratec1001 says:

    I don’t understand the portaloo prank (1:17~2:47). The way you’ve done it
    is a bit Irish.

    Why not just have the person holding the mic making raspberry sounds inside
    the portaloo from the off? No need to use a speaker and a remote mic then.

  3. EndermanLetsPlay says:

    xD nice pranks

  4. Sarah Miramontes says:

    Guysb hope youn can readn this textws becasee fingerx just fell aslweep and
    icant feel then

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