I wanted to call some fans today 🙂 I will see you at Big Shakes Hot Chicken in Franklin, TN. 1203 Murfreesboro Rd.

5 Responses to “Calling Fans! – Prank Calls”

  1. hooliodevil6996 says:

    Jack vale I bought 2 pooters about 4 years ago and they broke within 2 weeks, I was very dissapointed about this because I love all your videos! Congratulations on the move to Nashville Tennessee!

  2. “within reason” hahahahaha 😂 😂 😂

  3. Sam Maggard says:

    Picture is good, sound has static and is muffled

  4. I just bought the pooter!!

  5. Gary Drew says:

    The quality of the fart Blossom Special show sounds great good job on the cameras

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