Thanks for watching the video, hope you liked the looks! I had fun putting these styles together and boarding around some of my favorite spots in Venice to shoot. It’s been a great experience getting to create this fashion look book. So thanks, Reebok for trusting me with your brand and letting me have this outlet for my creative side. Pick yours up at –

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  1. Anthony Ruiz says:

    Your editing !!!!! Lol sick man

  2. TheBeforeParty says:

    Keep being you jesse ❤️

  3. LandonsFilms says:

    The guy in your soundtrack sounds like trump lol

  4. Jebediah Poltowski says:

    Am I wrong to say that I expect a lot more out of a lookbook? Like black tee and black pants for the first look? Really? A monkey could put that look together. It’s an L from me, soz

  5. EddieEastCoast says:

    Honestly the 3rd outfit was dope, nice vid bro

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