This guy is ADDICTED to World of Tanks and is super racist. I call him up to tell him that we are going to close his account, unless he comes to racial sensitivity training. This prank is INSANE. Send the NEW FREE PRANK of the week now –

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5 Responses to “Angry Racist Gamer Gets HACKED (crazy)”

  1. Akilah Shelley says:

    Lmao @ mush mouth…. This was actually funny…

  2. Follow The White Rabbit says:

    Oooooh “They’re flying down here to `Mobile`” … Well that says EVERYTHING he lives in Mobile, Alabama! Everyone is racist there. Thats where the KK* started, like its not his fault its just his daddy, and his daddys daddy, and his daddys daddys daddy convinced him anyone thats not white is bad.

  3. Buster Playz says:

    Dude the longer vids are sick don’t mind if u don’t have subtitles personality keep up the great work

  4. Follow The White Rabbit says:

    Ban my ISP? What did the ISP do? Are they racist too?

  5. But you can use the n word anytime you want

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